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An interesting stattistic.

February 16, 2010

Drafting Pat White in the Seccond round in 2009 was to most FinFans one of the worst descisions that the front office has made in years. At 6-0, 190lbs. he is not the average NFL QB by any means. But even more interesting than his size was his passer rating in 2009… A lousy 39.6. But this is not the interesting part. The interesting part of it is that Whites team mate RB Ronnie Brown had a passer rating of 84.7… Pat White has got great heart and a genuine love for the game but he was just not meant to play in the NFL.

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  1. February 21, 2010 11:08 PM

    Clearly they weren’t completely sold on Henne’s ability, or Penny’s longevity. Seems like they were trying to find a way to dive even deeper into unconventional Wildcat/Single Wing formations.

    Of course, turns out Henne’s a gunslinger, and probably a stud WR away from doing some real damage. So, Pat’s stuck in limbo. Crazy that they used a second on him, but it’s nice to find out that Chad’s got some juice.

    The kicker is that the Pat White pick probably could have been sent to Arizona for Anquan. Ugh…

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