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Coming back!

January 20, 2012

Starting things back up again. Been quite busy. In the past year. Keep checking for some updates.


An interesting stattistic.

February 16, 2010

Drafting Pat White in the Seccond round in 2009 was to most FinFans one of the worst descisions that the front office has made in years. At 6-0, 190lbs. he is not the average NFL QB by any means. But even more interesting than his size was his passer rating in 2009… A lousy 39.6. But this is not the interesting part. The interesting part of it is that Whites team mate RB Ronnie Brown had a passer rating of 84.7… Pat White has got great heart and a genuine love for the game but he was just not meant to play in the NFL.

Joey Porter Released and Returned…

February 15, 2010


Joey Porter was released Friday at about 3:00 PM and sadly returned at about 6:00 the same day. The Dolphins had this to say about the release: “The release of Joey Porter was determined to be an invalid termination. Therefore at this time, Porter reverts back to the Miami Dolphins roster.” 

According to ESPN’s Adam Schefter the cut would have triggered a $4.8 million cap acceleration, and that the Dolphins only have $4.2 million in cap space in the 2009 season which we are still in.

What an embarrassment… This is one of many muff ups I expect to come from new Senior Vice President of Football Operations Dawn Aponte. The same Dawn Aponte who may have  cost the Browns they’re only star play Joshua Cribbs. Maybe that is why Cleveland was so eager in letting her go after only one year with the organization…


February 15, 2010

So i have been gone for a little while so im going to kitry to do a breaif recap of what has gone down in the past week.

Day 1 of offseason cuts:

February 8, 2010

Now that the season is over off season cuts have begun. I will post and cuts from the dolphins roster as well as major cuts of other teams in the NFL.

No news today. As of now the chiefs have released 2 LB’s a possible team for JP to move?

Korry Sperry

February 6, 2010

Korry Sperry celebrating after his first career tuchdown against TB

Why is this guy not a starter? Yeah I know he only started on game but the one game he did start he played realy well. Against Tampa Bay he compiled 3 rec. for 31 yds. and 1 nice touchdown. And in pre season against SF he had 2 rec. for 29 yds. and 1 td. So all im saying is why don’t we give him a chance to start? Anything would be an upgrade from Fasano. At one time he was go but hes gotten slow and hes droping alot of balls.

For all stats for Korry Sperry and highlights click HERE

Henne’s Wishlist…

February 5, 2010
Chad Henne

Chad Henne

Chad has reported to the Palm Beach Post today that if he could choose who to pick in this years draft, it would be a big ol’ WR. Someone like Braylon Edwards maybe?

The complete interview